As the Norse goddess of childbirth, it is my duty and privilege to watch over the lives of those who are born into the mortal world. My name is Frigg, and I have been tasked with overseeing the journey of countless babies, each with their own unique story to tell.

In this journal, I will be chronicling the story of a brave little shieldmaiden named Kelsi. From the moment she was conceived, I have been watching over her and guiding her on her journey into the world.

Through these journal entries, I will share my observations and insights into Kelsi's life, as well as the lives of those around her. From the excitement of her impending birth to the challenges and triumphs she will face as she grows and learns, I will be there every step of the way.

As a goddess, I have seen the ebb and flow of life throughout the ages, and I know that Kelsi's story is just one small part of the greater tapestry of existence. But to those who know and love her, she is everything, and I am honored to be able to witness and record her journey.