Baby Shower Portals

"The story of how magic brought them together"

From the moment Kelsi was conceived, I have been watching over her. And now, as her due date approaches, I can sense the excitement and anticipation building among her family and friends.

But there was a problem - Kelsi’s parents needed to spread the word about the baby shower and gift registry to their loved ones, who were scattered across the land. They needed a way to communicate this important information quickly and efficiently. So they set out on a grand quest to find a seiðmaður, someone with knowledge of song spells to create a magical portal.

Their journey was filled with danger as they traveled through treacherous forests and over icy mountains, facing fierce beasts and wicked creatures along the way. But nothing could deter them from their goal. They were determined to create a portal that would bring their loved ones together to celebrate Kelsi’s impending arrival.

After days of searching, they finally found the seiðmaður they were looking for. He was a powerful sorcerer who could create a portal that would connect their loved ones to an Amazon gift registry and an event page on Facebook for the upcoming baby shower.

The seiðmaður cast his spell, and a dazzling portal appeared before them. It was a magnificent achievement, and it will enable loved ones to join together in celebrating the arrival of this brave little shieldmaiden.

As I watch over Kelsi, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the adventure that awaits her in the mortal world. I know that she will be surrounded by love and support from those who care for her, and I am certain that she will face whatever challenges come her way with courage and determination, just as her parents did on their quest to create the portal. The journey to create this magical portal was just the beginning of the many adventures that await Kelsi. And as the goddess of childbirth, I will be watching over her every step of the way.

Frigg's Journal | 5-13-2023